Treatments for Serious Autoimmune Lung Diseases

ImmuneWorks is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a therapeutic asset for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and additional fibrotic lung diseases. Over 200,000 patients in the US and Top 5 EU countries are afflicted with IPF, a deadly disease with a 5-year mortality rate of 50 – 70 percent.

ImmuneWorks was founded by two researchers of the Indiana University School of Medicine, Drs. David Wilkes and Michael Klemsz.  Years of NIH-funded scientific inquiry identified autoimmunity against Type V Collagen as a significant contributor to the progression of fibrosis in diseases such as IPF and lung transplant rejection.  Formed in 2006 ImmuneWorks is translating these findings into drug development by applying mucosal tolerance to alter the immune response against Type V Collagen and thereby halting the progression of fibrosis in fibrotic lung diseases.

ImmuneWorks has recently completed a six-month Phase 1 clinical trial of our lead asset IW001 in IPF subjects.  The results of this trial and substantial preclinical evidence provide the rationale for advancing IW001 into Phase 2 clinical trials.  ImmuneWorks also has patented an antibody assay to enable identification of patients with ongoing anti-collagen V autoimmunity who might respond to therapy.