[APRIL 1, 2014] ImmuneWorks, Inc., a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics for patients with serious lung diseases, will present at the 13th Annual Needham Healthcare Conference, April 9th at 10:40am in New York, New York. President and CEO Wade A. Lange will present on behalf of ImmuneWorks.

ImmuneWorks will showcase the results of its Phase 1b clinical trial and highlight the market potential of its targeted therapy in addressing the significant unmet medical need in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The Company’s lead therapeutic asset, IW001, and its companion diagnostic assay are targeted to the 40% of patients suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) who have ongoing anti-collagen V immunity.

IW001 is the only product in development for fibrotic lung diseases that is targeted to an identifiable sub-population within the IPF patient population.  Consistent with the tenets of personalized medicine the combination of a therapeutic product and ImmuneWorks patented antibody assay into a defined population could result in greater therapeutic effect and clinical utility.

IPF is a progressive lung disease, characterized by destruction of the gas exchanging regions of the lung without a known cause. There is an estimated 200,000 patients suffering from IPF in the United States and Europe. Deaths from IPF in the U.S. average approximately 40,000 annually, equal to those from breast cancer (source: Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis). Currently there are no FDA-approved treatments for IPF in the United States.

About ImmuneWorks

ImmuneWorks, Inc (www.immuneworks.com) is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics and complementary diagnostic tests for patients with serious lung diseases. The company is initially developing treatments for IPF and prevention of lung transplant rejection. ImmuneWorks’ expertise is its understanding of the convergence of pulmonary and autoimmune diseases to create therapeutics that will make a difference in the lives of patients.